The Ultimate AI Taillight

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Stand Out Without a Doubt

Cliq is built with miniature total internal reflection (TIR) lenses and Osram LEDS. Both are commonly used on automobiles and planes. They shine and protect like no other.


Automatic Brake

The Reliable Light You've Been Waiting For

Ultrabright LEDs and drone technology protect you in day, night, rain, snow, and fog. The smartest, brightest taillight ever created.

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Your Seatpost Guaranteed


Beyond Cycling

So you need to stay mobile?

You might be a proud early adopter of e-mobile technologies such as powered skateboards or hoverboards. Clip Cliq to your bag for the same protection, all minus the bike.

Proven Through Crowdfunding

Cliq, previously Rayo, was originally funded through Kickstarter. Until now, Cliq has successfully raised more than $350,000 across four crowdfunding platforms and has been sold in 47 countries.