Cliq Mounting Options

Standard Seatpost Mounting

- Compatible with round seatposts between 27 to 32 mm in diameter

- Mounting parts included in the purchase of Cliq - The Ultimate AI Taillight

- Standard Mount Pack also available separately

standard seatpost mounting components

Cliq mounted on standard seatpost

Aero Seatpost Mounting

- Requires Aero Mount Pack (sold separately)

- Two types of aero seatposts (narrow and flat) supported

- Compatible with seatposts up to 180 mm in diameter

aero seatpost mounting components - flat

aero seatpost mounting components - narrow

Cliq mounted on aero seatpost

Saddle Mounting

- Requires Saddle Mount Pack (sold separately)

- Mount Cliq onto the rails of your saddle.

saddle mounting components

Cliq mounted on saddle

Gear Mounting

- Two types of mounting options provided: MOLLE system and clip

- Mounting parts included in the purchase of Cliq - The Ultimate AI Taillight

Gear Mount Pack also available separately

gear mounting components - clip

gear mounting components - molle

Cliq on bag using clip

Cliq on bag using MOLLE system